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About us

Danny Vader and Hélène van Engelen are the founders of the Firekeeper Academy.

Together they hold enormous wisdom, rooted in their professional as their spiritual experience.

Their inspiration comes from indigenous people, corporations, and working with nature.
They have 30 years of working experience in banking, IT, consultancy, the health industry, and as therapists.

Firekeeping is listening to the spirit and inside knowledge and transforming anything that keeps you from your wholeness and pursuing your purpose.

Their approach is very practical and rooted in nature with the Wisdom of the Wheel of growth and the Wheel of personal values. This is easy to implement in everyday life for individuals and any group, community, or corporate.

They have the fantastic ability to listen and share their wisdom in a very practical way and help others develop and grow their wisdom.

They are also affiliated with the Sustainable Global Leadership Academy (SGLA). As teachers, facilitators, and trainers. They train new leaders from all over the world.

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