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Uncategorized Aug 01, 2020

2 years ago we started with Family Vibes. Both therapists and a heart to create something beautiful for all. Just the wish to do something like that took us on a journey. We visited friends in Egypte, Thailand, Israel, the US and more. Made an incredible journey out side and inside ourselves. With that came what we now started calling the Fire Keeper Academy.
You probably recognise the moments when you get so frustrated because nothing seems to make sense. We had this on a Monday morning. We just about had it with everything going on and no sense what really wants to happen. We decided to sit down and each of us would write down all the parts that where going on. We took some big papers to draw on and started.

All ready after maybe 5 minutes, Danny took his paper and threw it away to start over again. And for sure a few minutes later again the same ritual happened again. 

Then with the third time, within a few minutes Danny stepped back after drawing circles and text on his paper. He looked at it and said, this is something special, no clue what it means but it is important. 

After giving it a close look, it showed how growth in consciousness develops. Immediatly we started to test it. And sure enough after a year and more (we are still discovering more depth)  testing it we started the first course based on what we now call the wheel of growth.

In the centre is always the return to the alignment with the purpose. 

This is also what we both saw in our years of practising therapists, as soon as a person finds his way back to his center, the next step in growth will be made. 
Thru the last years we developed it into different leadership courses and training possibilities. 


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