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Any community without elders is like a tree without roots.

Eldership Program


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Key to the future

In the second half of our 40's, many of us start to wonder if there is more to life than where we are right now? 

Around this time, we naturally move to another ‘inner place’. We can no longer follow the “old” patterns and intuitions. We have earned our feathers in our field and are longing to awaken for the next step. 

You have probably already noticed this in yourself too.

May be you feel something is changing to a different or more meaningful life.

This is also the question that your social environment asks of you.

In nature, you become not only an expert by experience but also a Wisdomkeeper, at least if you develop it.

As is known in many indigenous traditions, the natural growth pushes you to go into eldership.

Wisdom is the part where you see through all your experiences, see the intention why you did it, and come to peace with it. This peace part is the wisdom you start sharing.

Naturally, you will then deal with more profound life questions. If this is not dealt with thoroughly, a form of loneliness arises, and questions of meaningfulness remain unanswered.

Giving substance to eldership creates a different insight into the dynamics of the group, and a more profound meaning becomes visible. The moment this arises, a view of the future opens up and adjusts actions.

In other words, it gives direction, not from logic, which usually doesn't get any further, but from a genuinely human movement. This active development of wisdom creates growth for the whole.

The effects of owning eldership


The effects of owning eldership:

  • Social meaning becomes clear
  • A more meaningful image of the organization and group becomes visible.
  • Social loneliness disappears by taking on a natural role.


The effects in the group are also very noticeable such as:

  • stronger cooperation
  • increasing loyalty, and 
  • more sustainable answers for the future. 

Guidance and programs to grow and expand your eldership.

Wisdom meetings

Several meetings to start or re-establish growth and wisdom. We will talk about the details after an initial meeting.

Eldership development

An individual year program with monthly meetings and in-depth teachings. I to your personal growth and that of your group.

Elements of this program: 

  • What does eldership mean, what is it, what does it do, and how does it work.
  • Natural Growth and the Laws of Nature.
  • Medicine wheels of values ​​and consciousness growth.
  • What is your place?
  • Understanding Kinship and how the deep meaning of being lonely can be used for movement.
  • How does wisdom work within your group?
  • What kind of voice does nature have within this whole
  • Values, personal, social, and of your group/company.
  • Creating a value-based future
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