Remembering your Nature

Tuesday 20 and Monday 26 September 2022.

Do you also desire more clarity to navigate through your daily life?

Are you missing the feeling of a strong sense and direction for your mission in life?  

Do you feel a longing to strengthen your connection with nature?

What would it be like, if you could learn to rely more on the power of your intuition and alignment in a unique way?

If you could train your guidance system to recognize and receive better and more effective signals about which course you have to sail, who you are, and what you must do here?

How would it feel if you could make decisions with more confidence, knowing that those decisions are good for you because they match who you are deep down?

In our new online training, you will learn in just one week to increase your awareness uniquely, connect more with the power of nature, and make (important) decisions that match your core values.

When are you ready to learn something new and feel it is time to take the next step in your personal growth and inner leadership? Join us in Remembering your nature!


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Our mission.

Our mission is to help people develop a new and stable alignment with their core and purpose. Allowing them to respond and participate in the creation, in this rapidly evolving world, from a place of connection and cohesion.

This may sound complicated and rather grand, but we've created a promising new tool that will help you break through this complexity and give you a greater sense of clarity than you can imagine in this moment.

The time is now!

We are in challenging times right now. The old narratives are not working anymore. 

We are being called to listen, connect and understand on a different level.  

To find your way in this transformative time, we created a powerful tool which serves as a  personal compass.

The Medicine Wheel of Values

We call this new tool the Medicine Wheel of Values.

The Wheel of Values works on different levels and dimensions. Think of the Wheel of Values as a personal map of your values - a set of words, colors and symbols - that feel most alive to you and that you already know naturally.

If you are aware of your values on a deeper level, you can use the Wheel of Values to navigate your life and relationships.

By always looking at and experiencing your reality on the basis of your Wheel of values, you learn that you can also steer the other way around; namely transforming your life by resonating your values.

What to expect in this Remembering your Nature training?

The online training is on September 20 and 26 

We come together live (online) and you attend a masterclass/meeting in which we (Helene and Danny) take you into the theme of that day.

Step by step we guide you in growing the power of your own consciousness and your ability to determine the (new) course for your life based on your own values.

Practical information

Who is the training for?

For anyone who wants to learn something completely new and deepen their personal development. It takes your Natural leadership to a whole new playing field, where the possibilities are endless.

Dates Zoom meetings

Tuesday 20 September 20.00 - 21.30 Amsterdam time (8.00 - 9.30 pm CET)
Monday 26 September 20.00 - 21.30 Amsterdam time (8.00 - 9.30 pm CET)


Your investment for this training is only EUR 47,-  (VAT included).

You will receive your personal Medicine wheel of values. ​You will learn the first part, how you work with your personal tool.


An important part is that we build a community around The Wheel of Values. In the community we will regularly share new inspiration, information and exercises.

You also have the opportunity to meet others, ask questions and share your experiences. This makes your wheel of values ​​even more alive. After following the online training, we cordially invite you to the community on Facebook.


After this training you know

  •  How to work with your Medicine wheel of values in a very practical way
  •  How to grow your natural leadership with your creativity and originality
  •  What is needed to get back in your alignment
  •  You feel more inner peace, trust and more connected
  •  How you work together and connect with nature

Are you able to:

  •  Make the next step in your work and private life
  •  Use your natural talents and abilities
  •  Bring back the natural energy flow when something feels stuck
  •  Grow your wisdom

What do people say about the Values Tool?

Cathy about the training

I attended an incredible training Core value ​​with the medicine wheel with Danny and Helene. The dynamics between them are beautiful!
The knowledge and their wisdom radiate from them so that you experience this workshop more intensely.
I was able to experience a very nice day and gained a lot of knowledge that I can use for a lifetime. Many thanks for that.

Semhar on the Values Tool

Danny and Hélène have contagious energy around them. It was beautiful just to watch them be present. They have a good sense of what is needed, have a clear vision and share the wisdom in a way that it enters.
During the Core Values training I received my 12 core values in such a natural way. I learned that there is much more in me than I thought before. I felt safe enough to feel, too really feel and thereby take the first steps towards inner leadership.
My thanks is great🙏🏾💛

Sophie about the training

The values were so recognizable and I immediately understood that I indeed already do this. The great thing is that I can now consciously use my values in all kinds of situations in my family and at work. That gives me direction and peace. Thank you Danny and Hélène for this special tool.

Titia about working with the values

I have been thinking what it is that I ‘do’ when using my values. I am supporting / empowering creation with energy that is unique to me. That energy springs from my values and flows into a bigger pool of creative energy. Creation in the broadest sense of the word - creation can be establishing open communication, a feeling of peace or joy, the values are helping to find new openings and establish clarity. 

About Hélène en Danny

Danny Vader and Hélène van Engelen are the founders of the Firekeeper Academy.

Together they hold an enormous wisdom, rooted in their professional as their spiritual experience.

Their inspiration comes from indigenous people, corporations and working with nature.

They have 30 year working experience in banking, IT, consultancy, health industry and as therapists.

Firekeeping is listening to the spirit and inside knowledge. Transforming anything that is keeping you from your wholeness and pursuing your purpose.

Their approach is very practical and rooted in nature with the Wisdom of the Wheel of growth and the Wheel of personal values. Easy to implement in everyday life, for individuals as for any group, community or corporate.

They have the amazing ability to listen and in a very practical way share their wisdom and help others to develop and grow their personal wisdom.

They are also affiliated with the Sustainable Global Leadership Academy (SGLA). As teachers, facilitators and trainers. They train new leaders from all over the world.

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